FY2022 OppNet Funded Grant Applications

PAR-19-373 - PAR-21-145: Research on Biopsychosocial Factors of Social Connectedness and Isolation on Health, Wellbeing, Illness, and Recovery (Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
PAR-19-384 - PAR-21-144: Research on Biopsychosocial Factors of Social Connectedness and Isolation on Health, Wellbeing, Illness, and Recovery (R01 Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required)
Activity Project number PI name Institution Title Award Total Abstract
R01 MD015905-01A1 ANDREWS, ARTHUR UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA LINCOLN Allostatic load, Response to discrimination stress, Discrimination Exposure frequency, and social Network structure and function (ARDEN) $602,867 Abstract
R01 MH125408-01A1 KABBAJ, MOHAMED FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Breaking bonds in prairie voles $611,496 Abstract
R01 DA053311-01A1 DELGADO, MAURICIO R. RUTGERS THE STATE UNIV OF NJ NEWARK Characterizing the neural mechanisms of social connection $552,583 Abstract
R01 MH128959-01 FAN, CHUN CHIEH UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO Effects of pandemic-related disruption to social connectedness on the brain and emotional wellbeing in adolescents $847,969 Abstract
R01 NS125589-01 GLASPER, ERICA OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY From social discruption to neural compromise: Establishing markers and mediators $622,228 Abstract
R01 HD104188-01A1 COMPAS, BRUCE E VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Social Connectedness and Communication in Parents with Huntington''s Disease and their Offspring: Associations with Psychological and Disease Progression $658,346 Abstract
R01 MD015894-01A1 JOHN-HENDERSON, NEHA MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY - BOZEMAN Social Connectedness and Health in the Blackfeet Community: An Investigation of Biopsychosocial Mediators $506,913 Abstract
R37 CA256889-01A1 HOCKING, MATTHEW C. CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA Social connectedness in pediatric brain cancer survivors $502,574 Abstract
R01 MH128955-01 WILSON, TRACEY ELIZABETH SUNY DOWNSTATE MEDICAL CENTER Social connections, risk for COVID-era psychiatric and substance use disorders, and HIV control $689,510 Abstract
R01 MD016178-01A1 DHAND, AMAR BRIGHAM AND WOMEN'S HOSPITAL Social networks and risk of delayed arrival to the hospital during stroke $774,300 Abstract
R01 MH125426-01A1 HOLT, DAPHNE J MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Stable and dynamic neurobehavioral phenotypes of social isolation and loneliness in serious mental illness $282,310 Abstract
R01 MH125423-01A1 DONALDSON, ZOE REBECCA UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO The neuromolecular basis of adaptation to bond loss $603,836 Abstract